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Alicja-Pop! "Shining Apple" b/w "Walking The Cow" 7"

Image of Alicja-Pop! "Shining Apple" b/w "Walking The Cow" 7"


"Don’t look for the fierce Alicja here. A-side is atmospheric synth-pop perhaps somewhat similar to Mazzy Star or Lush. B-side is keyboard driven again, but this time more upbeat pop on this Daniel Johnston cover (I’ve never heard the original, but I can’t imagine it’s anywhere near as good as this). This woman can do no wrong." - Underground Medicine

"I just have been exploring all the offshoots of Jay Reatards career ever since it ended, including the Lost Sounds era that Alicja was a part of. Lost Sounds included a lot of electronics, and seemed to be both Jay's and Alicja's Metal Machine Music / Trans period, where you try to apply where you've been going as an artist to a completely different genre. Its exciting as an artist I'm sure, just to push those boundaries and not know what you're doing anymore. To be able to push through that period where you start to get disappointed as songs don't come as easy anymore. But that was the thing about Jay, he wasn't 19, and nothing he was about to do was a fluke...he had been playing around with all these styles and ended up where he was, and it was perfect. I couldn't wait to hear album after album. But these side projects and the Reatards are getting me to work backwards and hear what kinds of things led to Watch me Fall....Ah Fuck! Did you have to use that title!

The two of them, Alicja and Jay split guitar/vocals and synth and made real electronic-punk...I get all excited about SIDS and Black Bug and the Units, but here was this collaboration in my own backyard with the stuff I've been listening to practically and it took me this long to get there. There should be a rerelease of this....maybe Matador can put something together now.

This one sounded like it started out as a contribution to a children's album compilation and then there was a Daniel Johnston cover done for something else...and Certified PR would be damned if this never saw the light of day. It's a no brainer." - Jason (7 Inch Blogspot)

"If you haven’t listened to I’m Your Negative by the River City Tanlines at least 1,000 times, I highly encourage you to track down a copy and indulge in the brilliance that is that full-length. Within that album you are exposed to a vast array of tempos and variances of hostility. From the most seemingly mellow to the most completely unchecked, unhinged, borderline psychotic aggressiveness. Moral of the story; Alicja Trout (songsmith of the River City Tanlines and the 7” at hand) has this ability to write these incredibly diverse songs that ooze of passion and complexity while always being completely and undeniably hers. So when a 7” single comes through that’s Alicja Trout recording two nonchalant synthy slow jams, it’s very easy for me to exit my world of angry, hostile, prejudices against stuff of the sort, and enter her world of tried and true songwriting, hence, me enjoying these songs for what they are. And they are awesome. (Certified PR)" –Daryl Gussin (Razorcake online)

"Alicja Trout has done "pop" before. To name off a bit of her musical background there's the Lost Sounds, Mouserocket and the River City Tanlines for starters. Sure, the "pop" elements may have been disguised in those projects from time to time but she's always known her way around writing something that sticks and really isn't that the basis of all good "pop" music anyway?
On this record the "POP!" on a side one's "Shining Apple" is 80's DIY pop such as the Young Marble Giants equipped with a better tape machine so they can layer some girl group harmonies while getting sidetracked by some motorik hypnotics.
Some years ago I recall reading an interview with Daniel Johnston where he was asked what his influences were and how he would describe his music to someone who may not have heard it before. His reply mentions some a contemporary bands at the time as well as him discussing his love for the Beach Boys. One thing I've learned by knowing quite a few real deal outsider musician's like him is that in their heads that is what they hear but it usually takes someone else to cover a song wrote by them to bring those kind of sounds to the forefront. Here, on the b-side's cover of Johnston's "Walking The Cow", Alicja brings them out with a 60's sunshine feel rubbing shoulders with melodic beep-beep-boop synth bits." - Dale Merrill (Smashing Transistors)

"Truth in advertising, this is Alicja Trout (River City Tanlines, Mouserocket, Lost Sounds) playing straight-up, ‘60s-inspired pop by way of Oranges and Lemons XTC with gentle keyboard caresses. One original, one Daniel Johnston cover. It’s extremely pretty, full of innocence, and very far afield from what I normally listen to… but goddamn it if Alicja Trout can’t hold my hand far into a scary land that I’m fearful of—”indie rock I don’t understand made by members of once-frenetic punk bands”—and show me something, well, something that’s beautiful." –Todd Taylor (Razorcake)

"I was very excited when I saw this. (No, I was not that excited.) Given the spelling of ALICJA and the fact that this is from Memphis, this is clearly Alicja of River City Tanlines fame. I love me some River City Tanlines! Others probably know her from the The Lost Sounds. This is very mellow, pretty, quiet, synth-driven pop music that showcases her voice. The only thing that it has in common with her River City Tanlines stuff is that both are extremely catchy. It reminds me of the great pop band From Bubblegum To Sky. Great record." - Kenny Kaos (Maximum Rock N Roll)

"Any Alicja Trout record is instantly welcome in my home.
She's made a ton of them and I like 'em all. This one offers up sweet homemade synth-pop. It hearkens back to The Clears, Trout's band back in the late 90s. The spare, twinkly A-side lets nothing get in the way of its pretty melody. On the flip, she covers one of the best pop songs of all-time, Daniel Johnston's "Walking the Cow". Nobody can top Johnston's own version, but Trout's take has plenty of charm riding along its bouncy new wave/power pop arrangement." - Jason Hernandez

"So here’s something for the Dr. Spock parental set out there. Rumor has it Alicja Trout was set to work on a children’s album, and this is what came of it. Being a new mom, I assume she’s been pretty busy. But 2010 is the year she comes up out of the diaper trenches and starts to do some record releasing and touring again. Welcome back! As for the A-Pop recordings, it’s what they is: sweet and catchy tunes that shimmer about like rnr lullabies. I’m getting an Oly-vibe off of it for some reason. Imagine if Mouserocket or Lost Sounds had to perform for a day care back in 2002. This is possibly what would come forth. Synth and indie goodness for the wholesome youth. The B-Side is Daniel Johnston’s’ Walking The Cow…faithful? Probably better. Amped up a little bit over the A-side for maximum playpen/tire swing enjoyment. Maybe I’m getting soft & old, but this is CUTE. I said it. And I don’t even like kids. Well, most kids. A friend of mine dresses his two year old in Misfits onesies…she’s pretty rad. Same goes for Stella Hayes (Daughter of Tim: Fallout Records). She has a finger painting series based on Cramps songs. That’s so cool. And with a mom like Alicja, I bet a fiery little red head named Valentine is gonna’ be A-OK as well. Pick one up while yer shopping for Yo Gabba Gabba DVD’s." - Terminal Boredom

Kind Turkey "Best Tracks of 2010": Alicja Pop! "Walking The Cow".
"Obvious choice here cuz it rules. Nuff said. Catchy and super well produced, but all the way good. Reminds me of what the Smith Westerns are trying to sound like these days. This is better. Keyboard lines are perfect too." - Bobby Hussy