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Brimstone Howl - Hell Shovel "split" 7"

Image of Brimstone Howl - Hell Shovel "split" 7"


"I’m a big Jeff Clarke fan; best known for fronting The Demon’s Claws. Hell Shovel is his lesser-known group. Hell Shovel is rounded out by Bloodshot Bill (solo artist and occasional Ding Dong) and Dale from Chocolat. Fans of Demon’s Claws will dig their contribution, “Stealing Candy.” It sounds like a lo-fi, stripped-down version of a standout Demon’s Claws song.
Brimstone Howl is pretty awesome.
Got one of their CDs to review a while back and dug it. This outing is better because the medium is superior (pay attention, labels). Fans of The Head Shop will be into their track. Keep up the good work, Certified PR." – Ryan Leach (Razorcake)

"Brimstone Howl, a heady, fuzzed-out, tuned-in, high-quality garage/punk outfit from Omaha. Hell Shovel, a weird, psychedelic bad trip from Canada." – Jessica Thiringer (Razorcake online)