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The Botox Rats "Ceaser" LP IMPORT

Image of The Botox Rats "Ceaser" LP IMPORT


The snottiest glam punk from the filthy streets of London’s SoHo. Both beautiful and decadent, the Botox Rats indulge all of our inner perversions through Rock 'n’ Roll... think a blend of the Stitches, Joneses and Heartbreakers with the snottiest vocalist around. Don't miss out on this extravagant full-length debut from what will be one of the hottest new bands to hit the rock'n'roll scene. Gold wax and comes with a download for the whole album.

“Good, solid snotty punk rock for fans of Pelado and Hostage Records. Features members of Disco Lepers, Shanghai Wires, and the Jabbs and would appeal to fans of Stitches, Smut Peddlers, Cute Lepers or The Pegs in a big way. Reminds me a lot of a SoCal band I got a demo from about a decade back called the First Wave Boys. The music is herky jerky without being post punk and the vocals are high pitched without being whiny. I am sure we will be hearing more from this band.” –Mike Frame / Razorcake