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The Ills "I Kill Me" 7"

Image of The Ills "I Kill Me" 7"


No Front Teeth spews out another killer garage punk release in the classic Rip Off Records style... think the raw rock ‘n’ roll of Loli and the Chones, The Lids, the Spastics and the Zodiac Killers – stripped down, fuzzed out and catchy as a dose of the clap.

These Iowa City brats crank out wild and primitive punk rock that will make you want to drink a couple bottle of cough syrup, pop the cheapest pills you can get and maybe even lick some batteries, yep, you’ll want to make yourself ill.

No friends, no talent no songs over a minute and a half... is there a doctor in the house?! Ladies and germs... we give you The Ills.