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The People's Temple "You Don't Know" 7"

Image of The People's Temple "You Don't Know" 7"


"These Lansing via Perry, Michigan (Population 2065-making it the 4th largest town in Shiawassee County) brats first harassed the earholes at Smashin' Transistors about a year ago with their single on the Milk & Herpes label. That record was a loud & brash mash of Brian Jones era Stones worship, Back From The Grave digging and punk rock taking a psychedelic trip. The songs were jammed with abandon and teenage frustration. Hell, at the time they recorded it I believe a couple of them were still in high school. HOW COULD IT NOT BE FUELED WITH ABANDON TEENAGE FRUSTRATION?!?! That is, of course, what rock-n-roll is suppose to be all about, right? At the time we thought "They've really done their homework on how to do it RIGHT. Give them some time to develop at little more and they'll be the successors to the Black Lips crown" or something like that. After all, the Black Lips guys are all over 25 years old now. Heh! Over the hill. Who will be the hope for real ROCK-n-ROLL next young kings until the backlash starts and so on.
On these more recent recordings by the brothers Szegedy and brothers Young and other than both bands playing 60's tinged slop and jangle, the Black Lips references go out the window because these guys got their own thing going on.
"You Don't Know" has the sound of surf music gone to hit some waves in some sinister part of outerspace all lead by a Rob Tyner pushing the vocals into red testimonial. "Shoot Her Down" is loaded with wailing harp and dirt floor stomp. It's kinda like a tune everyone would like to hear Iggy Pop do for the last 35 years but know he probably wont. The flip is the total bad ass "Raft" where the band shows what they're excelling a super fast clip at. Psychedelic blues bliss all the way through. Guitar lines slither between the serpentine and Spacemen 3 swooshes & splatter while the vocals trade off with all of them sounding like a Saturday night sermon." - Smashin' Transistors

"Their debut single on MNH showed some promise that I think People's Temple are realizing on their sophomore effort. Title cut is pretty blistering, Sixties moves that hit equally on the punk and psych tips, with a surfy break even. Excellent spaceman guitar action with a hippies-gone-bad feel, and a killer rave-up part with some great echoplex and panned vox parts as well. A truly great song and a weird trip, it makes you wish the Black Lips were still writing 'em this good. "Shoot Her Down" is a decent Brimstone Howl-ish rooter to fill the side. "Raft" fills up the flip with a side-long heavy garage-rock jammer ... A step forward from the last record, they're heading in the right direction it seems and the title cut of this one is real keeper that stands up to repeat listens... I'm gonna stay tuned, I think they could be on to something ..." - Terminal Boredom

"First of all, let me tell how sore my butthole is after taking quite the pounding from my boyfriend earlier today. Oops - that was a little off subject... Where were we?
Oh yes, The lastest, greatest record by The People's Temple!!!!
I feel if you have a name that references Jim Jones, you better “bring it like a tranny, sister.”
These strapping gents are packing the heat and are settting the world on fire with this record! It’s mind altering garage rock with surf guitars.
The title track is the best of the three, but they all slay, brother!!!
It’s fast and hyper, but not a mess of noise.
They have the sound wired and deliver the stuff that warrants repeated listens." –Matthew "Slightly Less Than" Average (Razorflake)

"Two sets of brothers sounds like double the fun right? I didn’t think so. So right off the bat I’ve gotta give The People’s Temple props for staying together for 3+ years. But then I’ve gotta take it right back for un-Google-friendly band name (an homage no doubt to BJM, itself an homage to the Stones). Their name isn’t the end of the tribute; “You Don’t Know” is a direct reference to said influences. Fortunately this double duo knows better than to be blatant rip-offs, so they take that 60s psychedelic sound and blast it right into space. The title track off of their Certified PR 7” is blown out to the max. And they really manage to pull it off, the surfy guitar riffs stay prominent despite the uber-fuzz and the chant vocals are simple enough to withstand the heavy distortion. This is shit-fi that you can actually listen to without losing that 60s sound and managing to remind me of new garage akin to Moonhearts and Melted-era Ty Segall. We all know life in Michigan ain’t easy and TPT is working to keep the Lansing sound alive. But when the blessed light of HoZac shines upon you it does little to keep your ego in the same realm as your humble roots. C’mon guys, if your best piece of press is siphoned from an L.A. Times review of the Woven Bones LP it might be time to update the ole’ Wikipedia page (shudder). And if you manage to make it to a show be forewarned: these guys might come off like punk rock protégé, but please keep your beers at a safe distance from their very expensive gear." - Britta Hussy (Kind Turkey)

"We have a winner! Title song starts off fast enough that I thought 45 must be the wrong speed, then a quick taste of Link Wray/Dick Dale riffing before lurching into a song that recalls the 13th Floor Elevators' "You Don't Know (How Young You Are)" in the classic
kids-who-don't-care rewrite fashion.
Plus it sounds like the Traditional Fools with some weird guitar sounds and has a nice freak-out at the end. "Shhot Her Down" is a nice shot of garagey R&B and "Raft" is another dip in the garagey end of the psychedelia pool." - Dr. Dante (Maximum Rock 'n Roll)

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