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Two Tears "Eat People" 7"

Image of Two Tears "Eat People" 7"


Two Tears is Kerry Davis of the legendary girl rockers The Red Aunts (Epitaph, Sympathy for the Record Industry). Her long running solo project brings more garage to the mess to create a blissed out sound reminiscent of the best elements of the 60's twisted on its head to form something new. Catchy and mind-bending, Two Tears' new single features 3 cuts of garage glory. Howling vocals and great production that's sure to appeal to all sorts of chums rounds it out nicely. Each track was recorded in a different city: "Eat People" was written in Dubai and recorded in Washington DC, "Heisse Hexe" was written and recorded in Brooklyn, and "Senso Unico" was written and recorded in Paris.

500 Copies - First 100 on color vinyl. All copies hand-numbered. Cover designed by Kerry.
Black Vinyl

Side A:
1. Eat People
2. Heisse Hexe

Side B:
3. Senso Unico